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Get Inclusive Live Q&A recording

We’re excited to share the news that Get Inclusive has been acquired by Vector Solutions.

We know you have lots of questions, and we will move quickly to get them answered.

For immediate answers to questions relating to the acquisition, please review our FAQ document.

The goal of this webinar is to address why we made the decision to be acquired and why we believe this is a great outcome for our customers.

During the webinar, you’ll hear from numerous team members from across the Get Inclusive team, as we review the Q&A document, and respond to your pre-submitted questions.

For more nuanced questions that are unique to your institution, we welcome you to pre-submit those here or via hello@getinclusive.com.

We’ll be working diligently to get all questions questions addressed over the next few days.  

In the last two years, Get Inclusive has reached a scale beyond our wildest expectations. Despite being a small, employee-owned business, we now support hundreds of colleges and universities, and millions of learners in the delivery of online prevention and compliance training solutions.

As our growth rate accelerated, we started exploring a number of outside funding options to help ensure we could maintain our standards for service and course quality as we scaled. Through this process, we met with the new Vector Solutions leadership team and were incredibly impressed. We saw a special opportunity to continue our important work and mission, but with greater resources.

Specifically, we saw a shared opportunity to (1) expand the courses and services available to our customers, (2) enhance the quality and stability of our platform, (3) increase efforts to create safer, healthier, and more inclusive communities, and (4) drive more impact for millions of learners through greater data and insights.

Both Vector and Get Inclusive have a shared mission to deliver world-class prevention and compliance training programs for our customers. We know many of our customers have experienced unnecessary volatility and disruption over the last few years as a result of market competition, and we saw this acquisition as an opportunity to create stability, and unite our products and teams for the benefit of this mission.