Since the new amendment to the Campus Save Act 2013 was signed a year ago, things have been moving at a fast pace at university campuses across the country. The requirements to comply by the 2014-15 school year means that administration, staff, and students alike need to have ready access to available resources in order to not only understand the new parameters of the law but also how to implement or take advantage of these new requirements.

1- Why You Need a Copy of the Campus Save Act

At the very least, everyone should have access to a copy of the actual document so that they can read it in full. With the high rate of crimes against women happening in campuses all over the country and the low reporting rates this new law is a necessity and it will require everyone to become very familiar with the many details involved in each section of the new legislation.

Get the PDF of the Campus Save Act here

2- Campus Save Act Resources For Schools

There are a number of new definitions and clarifications required and it is essential that all institutions become well versed in these new details. To get a better understanding on how to implement the new Campus Save Act 2013 there is an excellent webinar series that explains thoroughly many of the new guidelines set out in the new legislation.

The webinar is held with S. Daniel Carter, Director of the 32 National Campus Safety Initiative and Connie Kirkland, Director of Behavior Intervention Support Services. The entire series is about one hour in length and covers essential topics such as how to collect sexual assault evidence, domestic violence, dating violence and stalking statistics, how to establish programs as a deterrent to these types of crimes, the proper procedures for informing victims of their rights, and how to ensure and guarantee the rights of both the accuser and accused.

It also includes many of the definitions of certain crimes, new policies, educational requirements, bystander intervention, correct procedures and how they should be followed, disciplinary proceedings, and more. The session is quite thorough and will most likely answer many of your questions that you might have regarding what is expected under this new Campus Save Act 2013.

Click here for the Webinar Series

Once you’ve completed listening to this webinar series you should have a very clear understanding of what is expected of everyone in order to comply.

3- For More Detailed Resources on Campus Save Act

There are also a number of other valuable resources that can provide you with the needed guidance to fully implement the new legislation in your particular institution. The list includes essential downloadable documents as well as an extensive list of articles, letters, books, blogs, and videos that have been prepared specifically to address the new issues that are a result of the Campus Save Act 2013.

Simply by logging into the Response Ability Project’s website, you’ll be able to get access to many of these important documents, articles, blogs, videos and any other resources that you’ll need to ensure your institution’s compliance.

4- Prevention & Training Checklist

It will also be very beneficial for you to have a checklist detailing much of the content that will be required in the sexual misconduct training sessions that are required. Having this information at your disposal will help to clear up any doubts as to what should be included and how needs to participate in the sessions. ATIXA Resources provides all of this information in The ATIXA Title IX/SaVE Act Prevention & Training Checklist.

Prevention & Training Checklist

5- For Ongoing Conversations on the Subject

Finally, for an ongoing conversation on the new legislation you might want to make regular visits to the Campus Clarity Blog. Here they will discuss compliance issues and various questions that will inevitably arise about the subject as the mandated time of compliance draws nearer. This site will help to keep many abreast of the issues as soon as they come up so that you can always be aware of how they may affect your institution.

Click here for Campus Clarity Blog

According to the new law all institutions must be in full compliance by October 1, 2014. This means that every college institution as well as anyone who works with them should be focusing on implementing this new legislation now. Violence against women has been an ongoing practice for many years now and the only way it will be changed is when everyone begins to work together to stem the tide.

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