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EVERFI Buyout Program Extended; Online Orientation

EVERFI Buyout Program Extended; Online Orientation

At the end of last year we offered an EVERFI Buyout Program for institutions looking to make the switch to Get Inclusive for Title IX compliance and prevention training.

Today many of the largest campuses and systems in the country are in the process of transitioning to Get Inclusive as part of this program.

In response to the challenges facing Higher Ed institutions, including revised 2020 budgets, Get Inclusive is announcing today an updated EVERFI Buyout Program that will offer two significant considerations:

  1. A 30% price reduction guarantee on your current EVERFI contract; and
  2. No payments due until 2021.

We also recently announced our Online Orientation Package. This comes included in the EVERFI Buyout Program. You can read more about it here.

If you’re interested in discussing either the updated EVERFI Buyout Program or our Online Student Orientation Program, please email us at

The following is a detailed FAQ intended to answer common questions about our new EVERFI Buyout Program.

Q: How do we qualify for the EVERFI Buyout Program for 2020?

A: Simple. You have to be an existing EVERFI customer, and enter into an agreement with Get Inclusive by June 1, 2020.

Q: How soon can we start the implementation process?

A: As soon as you sign, you’ll have full access to our courses and platform. Implementation typically takes 4 weeks.

Q: What are the payment terms?

A: As long as you sign by June 1, 2020, your first payment won’t be due until January 1, 2021. Your effective date is date of signature, and you’ll have immediate access to our services upon signature. A one time set-up and implementation fee will apply.

Q: Does Get Inclusive work with institutions like ours?

A: Most likely we do, but we’re happy to provide you with references. Get Inclusive works with large systems, large state schools, small privates, Jesuit institutions, and community colleges.

Q: Can we see a demo of your courses and platform?

A: Yes. Follow this link for an on-demand intro to Get Inclusive. Click here. You can also download our 2020 course catalog here.

Q: How does Get Inclusive compare to EVERFI?

A: Download this comparison guide for an apples-to-apples comparison. Click here.


More questions? Email us now at

About Get Inclusive

Get Inclusive was established in 2014 to help organizations deliver innovative and customizable prevention and compliance programs at scale. Today we serve over 150 organizations across the country.

The Get Inclusive team is a rare blend of content creators and technologists. We have won industry awards for our work in prevention and compliance training, and have delivered the automation, integration and data visualization features that enable large campuses to effectively deploy and measure wide-scale training initiatives.

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