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Get Inclusive Launches 2022 Vector/EVERFI Buyout Program

Get Inclusive Launches 2022 Vector/EVERFI Buyout Program

For 2022, Get Inclusive is launching a new Vector Solutions/EVERFI Buyout Program to support institutions impacted by the forced migration away from EVERFI’s Foundry LMS which is now reported to be sunsetting at the end of ‘22 according to Vector's website.

To speak with a Get Inclusive representative about the Buyout Program, please email 

For EVERFI customers impacted by the Vector Solutions acquisition, Get Inclusive is offering to buyout all single and multi-year contract commitments and cover fees relating to the technical migration away from the Foundry LMS. 

Institutions will have until June 30th, 2022 to sign into a Buyout agreement with Get Inclusive, if they intend to launch one or more Get Inclusive courses in fall ’22.  

The Buyout Program covers both Student and Employee training catalogs. 

For information about Get Inclusive’s Student Training Courses, click here:

For information about Get Inclusive’s Employee Training Courses, click here:

For information about Get Inclusive’s LMS, click here:

Vector/EVERFI Buyout FAQ for 2022 

How does Get Inclusive’s pricing compare to EVERFI’s?

Included with the Buyout Program, Get Inclusive will guarantee a 20% annual licensing fee reduction off of your current EVERFI contract. 

When are payments due to Get Inclusive?

Under the Buyout Program, new Get Inclusive customers have no financial obligation to Get Inclusive until the end of their current Vector/EVERFI agreement. This means that if your Vector/EVERFI agreement expires in June 2023, you won’t be responsible for any payments until 2023 despite receiving full access to Get Inclusive in 2022. 

What’s the catch? How is Get Inclusive making money?

Get Inclusive successfully maintains long term relationships with its customers through excellent course content, technology and service. The Buyout Program is a bet on our ability to earn your business for years to come. 

Does Get Inclusive require institutions participating in Buyout to commit to multi-year agreements? 

Yes. We require a commitment for at least as many years as we absorb upfront with the buyout. 

How does Get Inclusive compare to EVERFI?

Download this comparison guide for an apples-to-apples comparison. Click here.

Can we take a tour of Get Inclusive before we speak to a sales person?

Of course. Our newly updated website is built to help you self discover without speaking to a sales person. Get started here:

For Vector customers not affiliated with EVERFI or the Foundry LMS migration, can they also take advantage of the Buyout Program?

Yes, absolutely. We offer a number or Vector Solutions promotions. Email us to learn more: 

About Get Inclusive

Get Inclusive was established in 2014 to help institutions deliver innovative and customizable prevention and compliance programs at scale. Today we serve over 350 colleges and universities across the country.

The Get Inclusive team is a rare blend of content creators and technologists. We have won industry awards for our work in prevention and compliance training, and have delivered the automation, integration and data visualization features that enable large campuses and systems to effectively deploy and measure wide-scale training initiatives.

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