Vector Solutions v. Get Inclusive: Answering Your Questions

Vector Solutions v. Get Inclusive: Answering Your Questions

On August 19th, Get Inclusive held a live webinar to introduce the EVERFI/Vector Solutions Buyout program. Over 50 institutions joined the webinar, and we received a handful of great questions relating to how Get Inclusive compares to both Vector and EVERFI.

If you missed the webinar, you can find the recording and webinar slides here.

The following is a written summary of our answers to the questions asked during the webinar.

Does the Foundry LMS platform utilize SAML or LDAP or CAS?

It is our understanding that the Foundry LMS only supports SAML SSO. We encourage you to contact Vector to confirm.

Does Get Inclusive’s LMS support SAML, LDAP and CAS?

Yes, we support all three.

Is the Buyout available to existing Vector customers (not just EVERFI customers)?

We are extending the Buyout Program to all EVERFI or Vector Solutions customers.

Are any HBCUs using your programs?

We have a number of Historically Black College and University (HBCU) customers including Lincoln University of Missouri, Coppin State University, Stillman, and Shaw University.

What would you say would be the biggest difference between EVERFI and Get Inclusive?

Our focus! Get Inclusive is 100% focused on prevention and compliance training in Higher Ed.

Today we support over 250 colleges and universities, including many of the largest systems and public institutions in the country.

We win head to head against both Vector and EVERFI because of our focus on delivering content and platform features specifically for the Higher Ed community.

Aside from the buyout program how does pricing compare to EVERFI after that?

Get Inclusive pricing is generally 20%-30% lower than EVERFI. We also offer a flat-fee site license model, and don’t charge any fees for our new courses like DE&I and Mental Health.

If we come in under the buyout program, what's the length of the contract we will be executing with Get Inclusive?

The Buyout Program requires institutions to commit to a contract that is 2 or more years beyond the free overlap period with your existing EVERFI/Vector contract. For specific pricing and term information, email

What are the lengths of contracts generally with Get Inclusive?

Get Inclusive offers 1-5 year contract terms with additional discounts for multi-year agreements. Our standard agreement is 3 years.

How accessible are the courses in Get Inclusive?

Get Inclusive courses meet WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility standards. We’ve passed accessibility audits at some of the most well known campuses and systems including Stanford University.

I like the low ticket volume! Since you don’t have many customers now, how are you scaled to support more customers?

We’re bigger than you might think! Get Inclusive supports over 250 institutions, and many of those are large systems and state institutions. Over 1,000,000 learners will complete a training course with Get Inclusive in 2021.

For consent and sexual respect topics, do you have seperate programs targeting undergrad and grad/professional students?

Yes. Get Inclusive provides sexual assault prevention courses that are versioned for undergraduate, graduate, and adult learner students.

Do you work with a third party accessibility firm?

Get Inclusive recently engaged Perkins to ensure we’re meeting and exceeding accessibility standards in all of our courses, website and beyond.

Do you have content geared towards faith-based institutions?

Get Inclusive supports many faith-based campuses with our traditional values courses.

Are there any efficacy studies on content? or benchmarking data?

Yes. Get Inclusive offers pre and post-survey benchmarking for all of our primary prevention training courses through our annual Impact Reports. We are currently conducting an efficacy study that will be available in early 2022.  

I love everything I’m hearing, but every company is unique and has their own strengths and growth areas. What would current or former customers say would be any challenges of working with Get Inclusive?

Our customers have requested we expand our course library to include DE&I courses and a more robust AOD course.

We’re launching DE&I in August, 2021 and we’ll be launching a new expanded AOD course with benchmarking in January, 2022.

Do you have a sexual misconduct for faculty/staff program as well?

Yes. Get Inclusive has a faculty and staff sexual misconduct course that exceeds Title IX requirements.

If you'd like to test drive a Get Inclusive course or if you'd like to schedule a call to learn more, please follow this link:

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