on a mission to create more inclusive and empathetic communities

Get Inclusive delivers online compliance and prevention training solutions to over 350 colleges and universities. Developed by award-winning instructional writers and designers, Get Inclusive offers a complete package of faculty, staff, and student training courses that meet and exceed state and federal compliance requirements.

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Our Team

The Get Inclusive team is a rare blend of content creators and technologists. We have won industry awards for our work in prevention and compliance training, and have delivered the automation, integration and data visualization that enable large campuses to effectively deploy and measure wide-scale training initiatives.


Platform & Implementation Team

Ashley Nicholson
Sr. Director, Customer Success
  • 15+ years of experience building and developing Customer Success Organizations.
Danika Collins
Director of Implementation
  • DeVry University (BA)
  • LawRoom/CampusClarity EVERFI
Reza Naghdi
Implementation Manager
  • George Mason University (MS)
  • LawRoom, EVERFI

Growth and support

Romi Hansen
Senior Account Executive
  • Case Western Reserve U (MS)
  • University of Vermont (BS)
  • Pfizer, Nestle
George Homer
VP of Compliance & Prevention
  • Excelsior College (BS)
  • EVERFI, CampusClarity
Karen Kilpo
Customer Success Manager
  • Minnesota Duluth (BA)
  • Workplace Answers, EVERFI
Michele Collu
Senior Account Executive
  • UC Berkeley (LLM), Università Bocconi (JD)
  • EVERFI, Law Insider
Sandra Bledsoe
Director of Marketing Operations
  • Kennesaw State University (MBA)
  • Universidad del Valle de México (BA)
Preston Clark
  • Loyola Marymount (BA)
  • University of Miami (JD)
  • EVERFI, University of Miami


Chris Day, J.D.
Insaf Boudiaf
LMS Support
Matt Dempsey
Alexandr Ivanov
LMS Backend
Ari Bahtiar
LMS Frontend
Kevin Cong
courses completed
team members
years in business

our values are at the front of what we do

Make It Easier

Find the complicated and make it easier for our learners, customers, and co-workers.

Change Hearts and Minds

Measure what matters— and make sure everyday we’re delivering the impact for which our products we’re designed.

Know Our Customer

Desire to know every customer. By name, by preferences, by needs.

Design Matters

Build incredible online experiences for our learners, customers and employees.

Fiscal Responsibility

We are employee owned and financed— and our ability to achieve our vision and mission is predicated on our ability to sustain our business.

Our Story


Get Inclusive is Born

Get Inclusive launched in 2013 with our first LMS and flagship training course. Our simple but ambitious vision was and is to build a training experience that would change the hearts and minds of millions of learners.

First Student Course Launches

May 2014, Get Inclusive launches our first flagship student course focused on identity and inclusion.

Customer #1

Butler Community College became our first customer in January, 2015. We are forever grateful for this early commitment.

Jeremy Beckman Joins Get Inclusive Team

Get Inclusive forever changed in August, 2017 when Jeremy Beckman joined as our Head of Content. Jeremy redefined the quality of our student and employee courses.

Voices for Change Launches

January, 2018 our biggest course launch, Voices for Change became an ongoing project led by Jeremy Beckman and Dr. Carmen Poole that is still growing and improving to this date.

100,000 Learners

July, 2018 Get Inclusive reached our first 100,000 learners. Thanks to the accelerated adoption of Voices for Change, our path to 1M learners suddenly seemed within grasp.

Groundswell Arrives

January, 2019 our first flagship employee course package arrives with Groundswell-- a combined approach to state harassment prevention and Title XI training.

Dr. Carmen Poole Joins Get Inclusive Team

Dr. Poole joined Get Inclusive in July, 2019 as our Director of Content, and immediately expanded our scope and depth of instructional writing. Dr. Poole has been the chief author of every major course since 2019.

Mental Health

August, 2020 Get Inclusive, in partnership with the JED Foundation and Texas Tech University, launches our first Mental Health focused student training course.

1,000,000 Served

In March 2021, we did it! Get Inclusive reached 1M learners. A huge milestone for a business that always dreamed of reaching millions.

Employee DE&I Launches

August, 2021 Get Inclusive launches 4 DE&I training courses for faculty and staff. Thanks to the leadership of Dr. Poole and Jeremy Beckman, this course package quickly became one of our most popular.

our advisors

Jill Albrecht, J.D.
U. of Pittsburgh
Employment Counsel, PayPal
Dr Yolanda Sealy-Ruiz
PhD, New York University
Professor, Teachers College
Dr. Sheila McMahon
PhD, Rutgers University
Professor, Barry University
Sharon Zucker
MPA, University of Colorado
Director of Guidance, SEEDS
Kim Swanson
Ed.M., Teachers College

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Our vision at Get Inclusive is to create more inclusive and empathetic communities. We achieve this vision by building and delivering world-class online compliance and prevention training solutions for colleges and universities.

Get Inclusive is an employee owned business team and a rare blend of content creators and technologists. Come join us!
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Danika Collins
“Working for Get Inclusive has been inspiring in many ways. It is important to me to work for a company whose goal is to make a difference, and I know our training is doing that in campuses across the country. I appreciate being a part of a company with a "customer first" mentality. We also have a great company culture and team dynamics. I always feel like a valuable member of the team and that my voice is being heard.”
Danika Collins
Director of Implementations
Sandra Bledsoe
“Get Inclusive is an amazing company to work for. It has a very positive and welcoming team that always goes above and beyond to help out their co-workers. I love that they allow us to come up with our own projects and ideas but they also provide the support we need when we need it. I strongly encourage anyone who is looking for a great place to work, to apply to Get Inclusive!“
Sandra Bledsoe
Director of Marketing Operations