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An LMS built for higher ed

Use Get Inclusive’s training platform to assign and track courses or integrate with your LMS via SCORM/AICC.
Integration options through Single-Sign-On (SSO), HRIS, SCORM, AICC and xAPI.
Configurable dashboard for real-time course completion tracking.
Fully customizable data field and attribute configurations.
Alternative training options for employees without email or computer access.
Integrated policy acknowledgment, tracking, and reporting.
Private label options for corporate branding within courses, notifications and LMS.
Brittany Todd, M.Ed., Director of Risk Intervention & Safety Education at Texas Tech University
“They are honest and transparent. If they can’t do something, they figure out an alternative or communicate why it is not possible. The financial commitment matches the level of customer service and personalized attention that we receive. “
Brittany Todd, M.Ed.
Director, Risk Intervention & Safety Education
Matthew Medeiros, Chief Compliance Officer at National University System
"The goal of implementing a new vendor [Get Inclusive] was to achieve improved operations, management, compliance with federal/state mandates, and better interaction / development for trainees.”
Chief Compliance Officer

Notifications and Reminders

Get Inclusive’s advanced notification feature lets your institution take full control over the course assignment process. From customize emails and subject lines to advanced cohort based automations and reminders.
ress, subject line, and email body.

Course assignment emails can be automated for any frequency and population. All notifications and reminders contain a Magic Link for a seamless "Start Now" experience for your learners-- whether they are just starting or returning to complete a course.

Reporting Options

Get Inclusive's LMS provides 24/7 real-time reporting.

This includes completion and progress rates by audience and course, as well as policy acknowledgement tracking.

In addition to generating manual reports directly through the LMS, we can also configure automated progress reports directly to your inbox.

Both the manual and automated reports include a PDF Executive Summary as well as the Excel attachment containing the granular learner data.

For large campuses and systems, we also offer super-admin functionality.

Policy Tracking and SCORM Hosting

Get Inclusive’s powerful LMS can be leveraged for other 3rd party SCORM content.

If you have internally developed training or training from another vendor that is SCORM compatible, we can host them through the Get Inclusive LMS.

Any hosted course would then become assignable and trackable in the dashboard like any other Get Inclusive course.

platform & IMPLEMENTATION team

Ashley Nicholson

Sr. Director, Customer Success
  • 15+ years of experience building and developing Customer Success Organizations.

Danika Collins

Director of Implementation
  • DeVry University (BA)
  • LawRoom/CampusClarity EVERFI

Reza Naghdi

Implementation Manager
  • George Mason University (MS)
  • LawRoom, EVERFI

migrating to get inclusive

Hundreds of colleges and universities leverage the Get Inclusive LMS to deliver online prevention and compliance training. The majority of these customers migrated to Get Inclusive from EVERFI or Vector Solutions.

The Get Inclusive Implementation Team will walk you and your IT team through our streamlined migration plan during your evaluation process. There’s no obligation to switch!
You can be certain that Get Inclusive can meet your migration timeline before you make any commitments to Get Inclusive.

Download a sample migration and summary to get familiar with our process.

implementation packages

Get Inclusive is known for our deep integrations and automations to make training management easy and painless for even the largest, and most complex institutions.


Included standard in all training packages
  • Mass upload/course assignments
  • Automated email reminders / notifications
  • Magic link - password-less one-click-to-course access.
  • Ad Hoc reports from dashboard (executive summary PDF + learner details in Excel)


A robust set of advanced features and automations
  • Single-Sign-On authentication for learners and admins
  • Single campus-wide link
  • Ability to auto assign courses based on role attributes
  • Ability to have direct logins for users who do not have SSO accounts
FTP/API Inbound:
  • Creating learner accounts
  • Auto-deactivation / reactivating learner accounts
  • Unlimited data-attributes (categories, labels, tags, etc.)
  • Course Auto assignment / unassignment based on data-attributes
FTP/API Outbound:
  • Multiple secure FTP drops throughout the day with completion data (or also pending learners data)
Enhanced Reporting:
  • Automated schedules


Advanced is designed for multi-campus institutions
Multiple SSO:
  • Enabling multiple SSO integrations
Multi-tiered Permission:
  • Applying activity-specific visibility and permissions at campus/course level.
Multi-campus FTP:
  • Enable learner data import from multiple data sources
  • Auto margining / Duplicate handling
Rolling Due Date Escalation:
  • Auto notify supervisors in “past due” notifications based on rolling deadlines. Escalated emails 30,60,90 days after deadline.


Get Inclusive powers a SCORM integration package
SCORM Dispatch:
  • Admin Reporting
  • Admin SSO

optional upgrades


Get Inclusive offers courses in multiple languages. Select your courses and languages, and we’ll build a custom package that meets your needs.

Private Label

Get Inclusive offers deep custom branding on a course by course basis. We recommend Private Label for our primary flagship courses.

SCORM Hosting

Get Inclusive offers deep custom branding on a course by course basis. We recommend Private Label for our primary flagship courses.

SMS Engage:

Improve course deliverability and completion rates through SMS Engage. We offer tiered, usage based pricing tiers.

Custom URL

Create a custom URL with SSO to help increase adoption. Includes single sign-on (

Real-time Hold Removal

For institutions implementing registration holds, we strongly recommend this feature to ensure students have immediate registration access upon successful course completion. (via webooks)

Enhanced Email

Increase course participation and email open rates with this integrated email feature. All course assignments will be delivered via (not from

frequently asked questions

How long does it take to implement the Get Inclusive LMS?
We can implement and launch courses in a matter of days, if needed. Most implementations take between 4 and 6 weeks.
Do we have to use the Get Inclusive LMS to deploy Get Inclusive courses?
No, we can easily integrate with your existing LMS via SCORM/AICC.
Can we speak with other institutions that have successfully migrated to Get Inclusive?
Of course! As part of your evaluation process you can expect to speak with existing customers about their migration. We also have a library of case studies.
Does Get Inclusive have experience delivering training to large systems or other multi-campus institutions?
Yes, absolutely! Get Inclusive is the training vendor of choice for many of the largest systems and institutions in the country. These include the UMass System, TCSG, Maine System and the National University System.
Can Get Inclusive help automate assignments to students and employees?
Yes, absolutely! We offer SFTP, API and SSO integrations to assist with automating many aspects of user management including: add/updating/deleting of users as well as course assignments.

10 best practices for online prevention programs.

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