“Get Inclusive provides excellent prevention and compliance trainings for both students and employees.”
Senior Director of the Office Community Standards and Wellbeing
Matthew Medeiros, Chief Compliance Officer at National University System
“Good content, great automation, and excellent customer service.”
Chief Compliance Officer

flagship courses

With our standard Student Site License, your institution gets unlimited access to all current and future student courses.

Title IX/Sexual Assault Prevention

Voices for Change is an online learning experience that exceeds Title IX compliance to help build academic communities of engaged bystanders who can identify harmful situations, and have the motivation and skills needed to intervene.

With a focus on self-reflection and concept application, Voices for Change weaves bystander engagement and intervention throughout four topic areas that can be used independently or as a single, comprehensive course.
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Studio with training video being recorded.
20-40 minutes
Title IX, Clery, NCAA
Undergrad, Graduate, Community College, Faith-Based, Student Athlete, Adult Learners
Video scenarios, Infographics, Readings, Pre and post surveys, Quizzes
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AOD Student Wellness Training

With versions designed for both undergrad and grad students, our AOD training takes a harm-reduction, knowledge and skills-based approach to student education and engagement pertinent to making healthier choices, managing new and unfamiliar stressors, and bystander intervention.

Get Inclusive’s AOD Student Wellness Training seeks to increase help-seeking and active bystander behaviors by increasing student knowledge and confidence when it comes to understanding risk factors, identifying risky behaviors, exploring their personal motivations for making good choices, and learning how to stick to boundaries that better choices.

This course includes pre and post surveys, annual impact reports and national benchmarking.
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20 Minutes to 45 Minutes (Multi-course)
EDGAR Part 86
Flagship, Pre/Post Surveys, Impact Reporting
Undergrad, Graduate, Community College
Instructional videos with motion graphics, infographics, text pages, scenario-based interactions, quizzes survey 
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Mental Health & Wellbeing

Get Inclusive, in partnership with The Jed Foundation, created three Student Mental Health & Well-Being training courses for Undergraduates, Graduates and Student-Athletes.

Dr. Amanda Wheeler, the Assistant Director of Outreach at the Student Counseling Center at Texas Tech University (TTU), also contributed to the development of these new courses.

“This course is a wonderful addition to college and university programming. I really love how it destigmatizes asking for help for mental health concerns! Mental health is just a part of being human, and we all struggle in some form or fashion with mental health at some point in our lives.” -Dr. Wheeler
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20-30 minutes
Undergrad, Graduate, Student Athlete
Video scenarios, Infographics, Readings, Pre and post surveys, Quizzes
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Student DE&I

Launching Mid-July 2022, Get Inclusive’s new Student DE&I training package will include four courses and will complement our Employee DE&I Package. For institutions looking to take a comprehensive, campus-wide approach to DE&I training, Get Inclusive will recommend a multi-year, curriculum-based approach to course assignments.   Developed by Dr. Carmen Poole and Jeremy Beckman, these new courses will be available as part of the Student Site License, and also available as a combined campus-wide DE&I package for students, faculty and staff.
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15 mins per course
Flagship (4 coursees)
Undergrad, Graduate, Adult Learner
Video scenarios, Infographics, Readings, Pre and post surveys, Quizzes
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voices for change

SAMPLE four-year curriculum

Get Inclusive encourages institutions to take a curriculum based approach to prevention training. Below is a sample of how our Student Site License can be leveraged to design a multi-year training.

Year One

The comprehensive, baseline course that sets the curriculum foundation.

Topics covered in depth:

  • Identity & Inclusion
  • Consent & Sexual Violence
  • Alcohol & Other Drugs
  • Hazing & Bullying


Ongoing training that expands upon what was covered in Year One.

Topics expanded on:

  • Identity & Inclusion
  • Consent & Sexual Violence
  • Alcohol & Other Drugs
  • Hazing & Bullying


A booster that addresses issues commonly encountered by Juniors.

Topics revisited:

  • Identity & Inclusion
  • Consent & Sexual Violence

Topics emphasized:

  • Healthy Relationships


A booster that prepares students for their final phase as graduates.

Topics revisited:

  • Alcohol & Other Drugs
  • Consent & Sexual Violence

Topics emphasized:

  • Mental Health

ongoing, booster, and sanction modules

In addition to our flagship courses, Get Inclusive also adds new ongoing, booster and sanction courses every year that are included with the Student Site License package.

Identity & Inclusion

10 minutes
By understanding the impact of their actions, learners will build motivation to intervene in situations of bias. By the end of this module, learners will have a deeper understanding of social identities, as well as concepts like implicit bias, stereotypes, and microaggressions. Students will learn how to play a role in creating a safe and inclusive environment for our friends, peers, and classmates.

Consent & Sexual Violence

10 minutes
Through reflection, learners will consider how sexual violence has presented itself in their communities and then develop the skills necessary to intervene in these situations. After completing this module, your students will understand that sexual violence is about power and control and that to make change, people must not only intervene on an interpersonal level, but also with the culture that perpetuates it.

Alcohol & Other Drugs

10 minutes
Within this course, we challenge learners to consider the impacts of alcohol and drugs, the way they play out in social settings, and how to set boundaries for themselves around their own substance usage. Learners will be offered interactive scenarios to intervene in situations where others are being unsafe and have time to reflect on which options feel best to them in given situations.

Hazing & Bullying

10 minutes
Most have heard about how bad hazing can be, but many students don’t realize how widespread it actually is. This course will dispel some common myths that exist about hazing and paint a realistic picture of what hazing and bullying looks like.

After completing this course, learners will have a deeper understanding of how and why hazing appears, the implications, and how they can each intervene to prevent it from affecting their communities.

LMS Features

Use Get Inclusive’s training platform to assign and track courses or integrate with your LMS via SCORM/AICC.
Integration options through Single-Sign-On (SSO), HRIS, SCORM, AICC and xAPI.
Configurable dashboard for real-time course completion tracking.
Fully customizable data field and attribute configurations.
Alternative training options for employees without email or computer access.
Integrated policy acknowledgment, tracking, and reporting.
Private label options for corporate branding within courses, notifications and LMS.

case studies

Case Study: National University System

National University System

In this case study, you will hear from Matthew Medeiros, Chief Compliance Officer from the National University System on his team’s decision to switch to Get Inclusive as their prevention and compliance training provider.
Read Case Study
Case Study: Texas Tech University

Texas Tech University

Hear from Brittany Todd, M.Ed., Director of Risk Intervention & Safety at Texas Tech University on her team’s decision to switch from EVERFI to Get Inclusive.
Read Case Study


Get Inclusive courses are built modularized for easy configuration and customization.
Update Title IX information and relaunch to learners in minutes.
Remove and reorder content throughout the course.
Add videos, images, welcome letters and other campus specific information.
Incorporate institutional policies, definitions, and track acknowledgement.
Combine courses to consolidate annual training assignments.
Upgrade to Private Label and get advanced branding features across courses and LMS.

implementation packages

Get Inclusive is known for our deep integrations and automations to make training management easy and painless for even the largest, and most complex institutions.


Included standard in all training packages
  • Mass upload/course assignments
  • Automated email reminders / notifications
  • Magic link - password-less one-click-to-course access.
  • Ad Hoc reports from dashboard (executive summary PDF + learner details in Excel)


A robust set of advanced features and automations
  • Single-Sign-On authentication for learners and admins
  • Single campus-wide link
  • Ability to auto assign courses based on role attributes
  • Ability to have direct logins for users who do not have SSO accounts
FTP/API Inbound:
  • Creating learner accounts
  • Auto-deactivation / reactivating learner accounts
  • Unlimited data-attributes (categories, labels, tags, etc.)
  • Course Auto assignment / unassignment based on data-attributes
FTP/API Outbound:
  • Multiple secure FTP drops throughout the day with completion data (or also pending learners data)
Enhanced Reporting:
  • Automated schedules


Advanced is designed for multi-campus institutions
Multiple SSO:
  • Enabling multiple SSO integrations
Multi-tiered Permission:
  • Applying activity-specific visibility and permissions at campus/course level.
Multi-campus FTP:
  • Enable learner data import from multiple data sources
  • Auto margining / Duplicate handling
Rolling Due Date Escalation:
  • Auto notify supervisors in “past due” notifications based on rolling deadlines. Escalated emails 30,60,90 days after deadline.


Get Inclusive powers a SCORM integration package
SCORM Dispatch:
  • Admin Reporting
  • Admin SSO

Optional upgrades


Get Inclusive offers courses in multiple languages. Select your courses and languages, and we’ll build a custom package that meets your needs.

Private Label

Get Inclusive offers deep custom branding on a course by course basis. We recommend Private Label for our primary flagship courses.

SCORM Hosting

Get Inclusive offers deep custom branding on a course by course basis. We recommend Private Label for our primary flagship courses.

SMS Engage:

Improve course deliverability and completion rates through SMS Engage. We offer tiered, usage based pricing tiers.

Custom URL

Create a custom URL with SSO to help increase adoption. Includes single sign-on (getinclusive.yourschool.edu).

Real-time Hold Removal

For institutions implementing registration holds, we strongly recommend this feature to ensure students have immediate registration access upon successful course completion. (via webooks)

Enhanced Email

Increase course participation and email open rates with this integrated email feature. All course assignments will be delivered via @yourschool.edu (not from @getinclusive.com).


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