Case Study

Case Study: National University System

Case Study: National University System

The Facts

National University System
get inclusive products
Student & Employee Training Site License
Role IN Evaluation
previous vendor
Why they left EverFi
  • Poor Customer Service
  • Insufficient automation and customization on platform

National University System (NUS) selected Get Inclusive to power its online student and employee compliance training initiatives through a competitive RFP process. Matthew Medeiros, Chief Compliance Officer, for National University and its affiliates led the evaluation process.

National University System, established in 2001, is a progressive model in higher education – a network of accredited nonprofit universities and education initiatives dedicated to offering innovative and relevant education programs to a diverse population of students. Its universities include National University, Northcentral University, and City University of Seattle.

In total, NUS serves over 45,000 students. Matthew Medeiros, Chief Compliance Officer for National University, oversaw the RFP evaluation process for the NUS’s student and employee compliance training needs.


Matthew Madeiros
Matthew Madeiros
Chief Compliance Officer

Describe the scope of what National University System needed from a new training vendor.

“NUS initiated an RFP process for a learning/development platform (and modules) to facilitate employee and student training across the System’s four affiliate institutions. NUS reviewed external vendors in an effort to achieve greater customization, reporting, tracking and training content to meet Academic, Information Technology (IT), Human Resources (HR), Legal, Compliance, and other stakeholder needs. NUS determined that this new system needed to be more automated, customizable, adaptable, efficient, user-friendly, and trackable than its current system. The goal of implementing a new vendor was to achieve improved operations, management, compliance with federal/state mandates, and better interaction/development for trainees.”

What’s NUS’s great challenge in implementing a compliance training program?

“Get Inclusive needed to help NUS determine how best to automate our file exchange for users and course completions across our 4 campuses, 45,000 students.”

Courses Evaluated

Student Courses

  1. Harassment/Sexual Assault prevention
  2. Title IX / Clery / VAWA separate or included required
  3. Drug/Alcohol Abuse Prevention
  4. Security/Active Shooter
  5. Mental health awareness/wellness
  6. Continuing Education Courses

Faculty/Staff Courses

  1. Harassment Prevention training
  2. Sexual Assault Prevention
  3. Diversity/Bias training
  4. ADA/Disabilities training
  5. FERPA
  6. Clery training
  7. Data security/privacy
  8. PCI training
  9. HIPAA
  10. Workplace Violence prevention
  11. Injury & Illness prevention (OSHA)
  12. Ethics training
  13. EU General Data Protection Regulation