Case Study: Florida Polytechnic University

Case Study

Case Study: Florida Polytechnic University

The Facts

Florida Polytechnic University
student population (FTE)
get inclusive products
Student training site license
Primary person evaluating
Role IN Evaluation
previous vendor
Why they left EverFi
  • I felt cost was high and the students did not value the 3-4 hour training from our previous vendor.


Michelle Dission
Michelle Dission
Title IX/ ADA Coordinator

Describe a unique challenge that you needed Get Inclusive to help address in 2021 or previously.

“Get Inclusive has assisted me in creating mini trainings that take content from a few modules and make it into one. In addition, they helped me establish a schedule for refresher trainings.”

Tell us about your experience during implementation. How was the level of service?

“The customer service from Get Inclusive was very helpful! They walked me through each step and allowed for adjustments along the way.”

What are two or three things Get Inclusive does better than your previous training vendor?

“Get Inclusive has a quick response rate and also takes into account our institution and how small it is.”

What would you tell a peer institution considering switching to Get Inclusive?

“I would say that Get Inclusive provides a wonderful training for the cost. Students and Employees alike will remember the trainings and find it informative.”

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about your experience with Get Inclusive?

“It has been a joy working with everyone at Get Inclusive, they listen, help and guide each institution on what works best for them.”

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