Case Study: Stanford University

Case Study

Case Study: Stanford University

The Facts

Stanford University
student population (FTE)
get inclusive products
Employee Site License
Independent Evaluation
Role IN Evaluation
previous vendor
Why they left EVERFI
  • Client/customer service down-graded; expense tied with customization; too corporate - not academia-focused


Katya Alcaraz
Katya Alcaraz
Training Compliance Manager

What would you tell a peer institution considering switching to Get Inclusive?

“Do it! There is no compensating for hands-on client service - between our University and Get Inclusive, Get Inclusive and learners, and Campus Partners and Get Inclusive. Communication and collaboration to put out fresh and interactive harassment prevention courses for our employees is so important to our community and for our office. We educate over 30,000 employees, so the personal touch is incredibly important in creating content that will be culture changing for the constant change in social activity. Times are changing and content for SHP programs need to adapt. Get Inclusive uses the latest scientific research on training to actually affect change with learner/user knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors.”

Tell us about your experience during implementation. How was the level of service?

“Personal service was superior. The Get Inclusive implementation team met with us as needed to customize our courses and to make sure the course spoke to our university community.”

What are two or three things Get Inclusive does better than your previous training vendor?

“I can contact our content director and get answers to questions as needed. Updates are made without the necessity of disrupting current assignments. Tech issues are worked out in collaboration with our LMS tech team.”

Describe a unique challenge that you needed Get Inclusive to help address in 2021 or previously.

“Customizing scenarios to include accessibility and enhancing standard content for California laws.”

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about your experience with Get Inclusive?

“Working with Ali, Danika, Jeremy, and Dr. Poole has been phenomenal. Our ideas to make changes are heard and feedback is provided on a two-way street. We each get stronger by working together to create an effective and adaptable Sexual Harassment Prevention training product.”

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