Case Study

Case Study: Texas Tech University

Case Study: Texas Tech University

The Facts

Texas Tech University
get inclusive products
Student training site license
Independent evaluation
Role IN Evaluation
previous vendor
Why they left EverFi
  • Poor Customer Service
  • Overpriced
  • Lack of Attention to Detail


Brittany Todd M. Ed.
Brittany Todd M. Ed.
Director, Risk Intervention & Safety Education

What was your role in the evaluation or selection process of Get Inclusive?

“I was responsible for leading the evaluation of campus administrators and made the final recommendation.”

What attributes or differentiators led your institution to select Get Inclusive?

“Their excellent customer service and constant eagerness to earn our business. Get Inclusive was responsive to needs, willing to listen to our feedback, and very solutions focused.”

Describe a unique challenge that you needed Get Inclusive to help address in 2020.

“We wanted to add the COVID-19 module very quickly prior to implementation of all of our courses and they were super helpful in getting it launched, so that we could get the COVID-19 course in front of our students. They reached out to us for feedback and participation in developing the mental well-being course. Our campus administrators appreciated this and were so impressed with their partnership.”

Tell us about your experience during implementation. How was the level of service?

“Excellent. Any time there was a road bump or delay, they were quick to respond and walk us through the process. The team was responsive to our needs and listened closely to what we envisioned, prioritized the security needs of our IT department, and developed solutions that were tailored to everyone’s differing needs.”

What are two or three things Get Inclusive does better than your previous training vendor?

“They are honest and transparent. If they cannot do something, they figure out an alternative or communicate why it is not possible. The financial commitment matches the level of customer service and personalized attention that we receive. The video scenarios within the modules are relatable and our students are very receptive to the modern feel of the content.”

What would you tell a peer institution considering switching to Get Inclusive?

“I have recommended Get Inclusive to many of my peers. I tell them that their level of communication, responsiveness, customer service, fair pricing, and honesty is far greater than I was used to or expected.”